CPA Email Addresses
46,000 Names Starting at $250/M
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Email addresses * 46,000 $250/M
* Includes delivery of message. No other costs.
Description of List
Email message delivery generally results in a response several times that of mailings. Email messages are read by a much larger percentage of the recipients and are read much more intently than messages delivered through the mail. Email delivery is much more action-oriented than any other form of message delivery.

This list is comprised of the email addresses of individuals certified as public accountants by state boards. CPAs influence many investment and financial decisions throughout the US. They are well-educated with earnings well above those of the average citizen.

Email message delivery should be remitted to SIE in hard copy and on diskette. After approval of the message copy, SIE will deliver the message on the date requested by the client.
Output Options
Options Fee
80% Male $10/M
Arrange by State $10/M
Arrange by Zip $10/M
Arrange by SCF $10/M

Minimum Order: 10,000 Names