Investment Advisory Newsletters & Financial Services Buyers
1,627,000 Names Starting at $110/M
List Count Price
Subscribers, expires, & inquiries 1,336,000 $110/M
Actives 674,417 $150/M
Projected monthly hotline 23,000 $170/M
Projected quarterly hotline 60,000 $165/M
Multi-buyers 117,000 $175/M
Description of List
This is a file of individuals with an avid interest in financial topics and investment information. They have purchased (more than half via credit cards) newsletters and/or financial service products from SIE (Select Information Exchange), the nation's leading financial subscription agency for over 45 years.

This proven file has been used by a multiplicity of different types of mailers with a 50% continuation record. Included are banks, insurance firms, stock brokerage firms, tax shelters, oil & gas and hard asset businesses, financial and investment advisory publications, collectibles, fundraisers, catalogers, credit card issuers and others.
Source of Names
30% Internet Advertising
35% Direct Mail
35% Space Ads - Space ads appear in a variety of media including Money Magazine, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, and Investor's Business Daily.