Registered Representatives (Stockbrokers) at Home Address
650,000 Names Starting at $250/M *
List Count Price
Name & address * 650,000 $250/M
Phone numbers + $450/M
Broker affiliation + $450/M
Series exam selects + $650/M
Branch address + $450/M
Test date + $450/M
* One-time mail-only rental
Description of List
1998 Average Registered Representative Income:

1998 Average Branch Manager Income:
This list is comprised of the home addresses of professionals registered throughout the US by the NASD to sell securities. It has been purged for duplicates among states and is an SIE exclusive.

This proven file has been used by a multiplicity of different types of mailers with a 60% continuation record. Included are credit card issuers, insurance firms, resorts, high-end department stores, luxury car companies, cataloguers of luxury items, and manufacturers of high-tech products.

Retail stock brokerage firms, which many mailers find extremely useful, are also available.