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Select Information Exchange (SIE) is a 45 year old financial subscription agency representing several hundred investment newsletters.

Using direct mail, space advertising and our investor website, www.stockfocus.com, SIE has generated a constant stream of data from sophisticated investors. With a goal towards customer satisfaction, SIE can provide the profit-making data required by most organizations.

  Directory of Lists
Registered representatives (stockbrokers) at home address 645,218   $150/M
Stock brokerage firm owners at home address 87,314   $175/M
Investment advisory newsletters & financial services buyers 1,136,473   $110/M
Stock traders (low-priced) 493,174   $150/M
Gold, Silver, & Hard Asset Investors 97,173   $150/M
Oil & Gas Investors 111,234   $150/M
Option Traders 106,731   $150/M
Bond buyers 24,347   $150/M
Hotline investor files 28,737   $165/M
Mutual fund marketletter subscribers 111,732   $150/M
Female investment advisory newsletter & financial services buyers 347,172   $150/M
  Ethnic Lists
Stockbrokers from over 20 ethnicities $185/M
Marketletter subscribers from over 20 ethnicities $170/M
  Hot New Lists!
Stockbroker email addresses 138,372   $250/M
Investment newsletter subscriber email addresses 128,547   $250/M
CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) 220,136   $150/M
CPAs with Series 7 Inquire
CPA email addresses 38,129   $250/M
Insurance agents 1,279,827   $$60/M
Pilots 563,287   $150/M
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